Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Delay, Apology and Next Book

I have not released "Time Swerve Terminal" yet because I stumbled across an opportunity to have it checked over by another source, an experienced proofreader of science fiction who happens to live nearby. I meet with him on Wednesday and I'm sure I will take time to go through his feedback on the book. This will set the release back to sometime in October. I apologize to those waiting for it.

Since finishing TST, I have been working on my next book. The working title is "Familiar Monsters." It is about a five people who comprise a dream study group and the strange things that happen to them and their town of Fort Morgan. I have found my writing style adapting as I write FM. It has taken a turn more towards fantasy with a touch of magical realism. This, of course, is how the rough draft is right now and could possibly change (though I think it won't) by the time I publish it.

All for now. Updates will come in mid-october.