Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Nova Sol now on Noisetrade

I've recently added Nova Sol to Noisetrade.com. The site facilitates authors sharing their material with readers. You can now download all of Nova Sol for free. You do need to leave an email address in exchange for the the book. I will be adding some of my short stories to Noisetrade in the next month or so, too.

You'll find the link for Noisetrade on the right of the blog.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bad Author

Once again, my focus on writing and re-writing has turned me away from making regular blog entries. I'm sure glad blogging wasn't a new year's resolution for me because I would have failed miserably. Alas.

Enough of that. On to the important news.

I'm releasing a book in the next couple of weeks. Yes, it's finally done. And it's completely different from what it was when I posted last. Writing, re-writing, writing, re-writing, etc. Time Swerve Terminal and its variations are on the back burner for now. I will get back to them some time (next month? next year? I don't know).

The cover for the new book is below:

This is what I have so far and I don't think the cover will change much between now and the release. If I do change the details (i.e I've been playing around with variations of the title for the past few days), I'll let you know here when I post the amazon link to the book.

So, there it is. I haven't been not posting because I haven't been writing. No, those are untrue rumors. I haven't been posting because I have been writing and re-writing and writing....okay, you know what I mean.