Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Story : "The Soft Revolution"

A new short story is now available in the Kindle store: "The Soft Revolution"

For more information follow the link or go to the Stand Alone Short Stories page by clicking above.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Part Five of my episodic novel, "Hold Still the Sky," is now available in the kindle store on

Here's the cover and link.

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Monday, June 3, 2013

HSTS Update

Just fielded a question from a reader following the "Hold Still the Sky" series. He wanted to know when the next installment will be out.

Part Five of "Hold Still the Sky" should be out later this month. I estimate it will be ready for download somewhere between the 15th and 18th of June.

Here's a little preview:

"Akers sat across from Pacen. They did not face each other. The small, modular space of their apartment both separated and contained them. Even more so since they returned from the relative - though short-lived - freedom of the farm dome. Ever since they lost their child.

'Lost' was the correct word. Accurate. Precise. Their boy - Malam - was gone. Not gone dead. Just gone. Oh, and he was seven feet tall the last time they saw him.

The experiment had gone shockingly wrong. What had started as mere trepidation on Akers' part had blossomed into full horror. It had taken all of her self-control to remain calm in Hannah's presence afterwards. To pretend that nothing had happened. To make as if life were still normal. But it wasn't. Life was now a constant sluicing from from bad to worse to desperate. Never settled. Never rested. Malam was gone. Mutated and gone."